The 80s film The Breakfast Club.

Five misfits.

One weekend morning; the detention room.

(If you haven’t seen it, watch it.)

The characters, despite having no common ground initially, find themselves in a new circle of understanding, no matter how grudging or stilted. All sorts of awesomeness is sparked into life; new levels of awesomeness are discovered. (The soundtrack was pretty good, too.) A collection of misfits who inadvertently make and spark magic between them.

That is the inspiration for The B Tribe and its anchor / flavour / temperament, The Breakfast Club.

We are all about people and life.

We like the bold, brainy and bodacious. We like people who are hard to ignore. People who have made an impact or a splash in some form or another, regardless of whether they are popular or otherwise.

All types of bodacious people are often overlooked for the silliest of reasons, such as the fact that they haven’t amassed wealth, a title, the C-suite. Some are overlooked because by traditional definition of achievement, they’re not worthy of mention, according to others. Sorry, but no.

Achievement and interesting-ness are not to be defined by one stratum of society or by self-prescribed rainmakers, limited to the vacuous, the vapid or the vain.

So much of what’s out there is disposable, forgettable and downright painful to read or absorb. We get under the surface, find out what’s ticking in the neurons.

This is our B Tribe, where we scrutinise, celebrate and chronicle boldness and achievement our way, look at ideas big, tentative and ridiculous; we say it as it is, we try to spotlight bold moves and hope to learn from those brave enough to try them; we curate the interesting and we also record and create; we amplify the buzz and chatter and monopolise (just for a short while) bodacious people, so we can find out what they put in their awesome sauce.

We love originality, authenticity, transparency and sincerity, with some audacity thrown in.

(We don’t care much for elitist snobbery and class politics. Or even sexual, gender or race politics, for that matter.)

We love people and stories with multiple dimensions that sometimes defy easy definition.

We have our own Breakfast Club (except we don’t put them in detention) where we get people with vastly different life experiences squished into a space, hook them up with some fortifying liquids, give them some salty subjects (issues) to bite on or chew over and sit back and let the magic happen. We also take snapshots of life, because it moves fast and we don’t want to miss it.

Welcome to the B Tribe. We hope you enjoy the ride.


Love ♥ and badassery,

The B Tribe Team.