B Tribe Music Correspondent B.Roz goes lovesexy with a nod to The Bey Tribe.

Hello, tribe! If you’ve been following music news recently, it’s been a frankly exhausting week.
Some of us are still coming to terms with the death of Prince,
and on that front, there’s been no shortage of great retrospectives, tributes, memorials, recently-unearthed bootlegs and demos going around as the world collectively reflects on his legacy.
Meanwhile, Beyonce released her latest, a visual album titled Lemonade, which immediately sparked wide-ranging conversations on everything from marriage and infidelity to feminism and black female power to artistic integrity. Not to mention all the juicy gossip afterwards.
If you, like me, found yourselves overwhelmed and unable to process it all, fear not. Because, if there was one thing Beyonce and Prince could agree on, it’s that
there is nothing in the world that can’t be cured by a little dirty booty-shaking freakout.
Here’s ten tunes for the Labour Day weekend!
Tiggs Da Author ft Lady Leshurr – Run
You can call me pussy / pussy is power” I love the fact that this line is coming from a male singer <3 Your new summer single.

Moodymann – Freeki Mutha F cker

Electrik Red – W.F.Y.
You was like flash in the sheets / So fast I had to finish when you leave
I wish Electrik Red had gone on to greater success. No girl group before or since has been as unapologetically raunchy, who sang about sex as self-pleasure rather than male pleasure.

Ga-In – Bloom
Has masturbation or coming-of-age themes in pop ever sounded this bright and sweet?

Miguel – Use Me
I know it’s cheating of me to name a Miguel track two weeks in a row, but hey, the guy knows dirty. The best part about this song is the way he smoothly switches between playing the dominator and the dominated, the giver and the receiver, so rare in male R&B. Prince would definitely approve.

My life is in a turmoil / My thighs are black and blue / My sheets are stained, so is my brain / What’s a girl to do?
32 years later, so many of us are still asking the same.
Katy B – … On A Mission
With Katy B, it’s all about capturing the moments: from the second you lock eyes with someone in a club to finding yourself on the dancefloor lost in the beat.

FKA Twigs – Good to Love
It always amuses me to know that most of her lyrics and kinky videos are probably inspired by/directed to boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Nicki Minaj ft Beenie Man – Gun Shot
The sweetest song she’s ever done.

C.R.E.E.P. ft Nina Sky – You
Alt-R&B with a Sapphic twist.