The B Tribe is a magazine hosted online and co-founded by two Gen-X women — lifetime friends — who wholeheartedly embrace the digital space. Despite acquiring their education pre-Google, they evolved along with the arrival of the 21st century, with little to no kicking and screaming involved.


One, The Editor, a red-lipsticked hardcore scribe, sassy inkslinger and OCD-afflicted typo-slasher, who simply wanted to bring better, ceiling-shattering and convention-breaking writing, borne of an unquenchable and fearless curiosity, to an appreciative and more diverse audience,

and the other, The CTO, a brilliant, industrious and veritable tech wiz (she rocks code) with vast, multi-portfolio experience in creating an online presence for those wanting one.

It is done by grown-ups for grown-ups.

B stands for bold, brainy, bodacious and badass.

(It also stands for bite, bright and ballsy.)

These adjectives can be applied to people, stories, society, culture, ideas and businesses.

Founded in 2016, The B Tribe was created to collect stories big and small, provoke thought and discussion; to create buzz and chatter; to join in the conversation, start a conversation and bring the conversation to its readers.

The B Tribe looks for people and slices of life that are interesting, textured, unusual, unconventional but always conversation-worthy for different reasons.


We are not partisan, political, paid hacks, propagandists, a sycophantic pandering high-society glossy, nor a faceless automaton of sterile sub-standard reportage with an endless stream of forgettable facts, nor are we pretending to be high-brow hipster cool or abandoning discretion to fit in with the growling, snarly low-brow mobs.

We simply wanted to create a less noisy, less formulaic and less pedestrian corner in a vast space of bytes and satellites. We prefer authentic voices ripe with honesty that broadcast balanced perspectives, that respect what’s been here before us while attempting to smudge some boundaries and re-draw some lines.

All the while capturing people and life around us.

We simply didn’t want to do it in physical form because we wanted to be accessible to — and read by —  everyone, not just in our neck of the woods.

And we wanted to do it with some wit, openness, grace, class and always some audacity.

We hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Love and bodaciousness from the B Tribe team.

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